Unique BACKEND247® solutions for creative agencies, front-end and application developers.

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Unique BACKEND247® Solutions

Connect easily to the business logic from the frontend side. Our unique BACKEND247® solutions work 24/7 with no break!


Container Delivery

Install your fully and perfectly functioning BACKEND247® system with one command line only. But this is only the beginning!


Perfect Quality,
0% margin for error!

Our BACKEND247® solutions function always error-free. Do you know the reason for that?


Effective & Friendly Support

An always available, friendly and solution-oriented customer support team take care of your projects!


What our BACKEND247® solutions are?

Our unique workflow and professional codes provide the best quality, the fastest and the safest BACKEND247® server side and database solutions for your clients. It all happens under your brand, improving your image! You need to take care of the frontend only!

We support your project 24/7 and our experienced project managers will make any ideas happen!


More than 100+ satisfied clients and more than 1000+ endpoints

We love our clients and love our job! This is the reson why we've had more than 100+ satisfied clients, who have received more than 1000+ endpoints in total. Check out who we've worked with so far and what they've said about us.

Working with BACKEND247® is like having an invisible, but super motivated and proactive new development team on board from one day to another. They handle projects as if it was their own and they deal with new conceptions and unexpected situations with ease. It is particularly useful, that even when facing an unusual request, they remain solution-oriented which makes them an ideal partner of creative agencies in delivering the widest range of different digital projects.

Maktay Miklós - McCann Budapest

Miklós BaktayDigital Producer at McCann Budapest

I am glad, that I have met BACKEND247® because I can trust their team of experts with any projects. I receive up-to-date and useful pieces of information in the planning phase as well and they cooperate really well with our own developers. I am always well informed about the actual process of development and communication is also quick and effective. They meet their deadlines. This is exactly what I need!

Gajdos Barna LászlóMediaDBD Consulting Kft.

Save time and be more productive. How?


Proposal ready in max. 24 hours

With the help of our unique system, based on your specification, we can make a detailed proposal by endpoints or microservices in 24 hours. As a result, you can work on more projects at the same time. You can take our speed for granted.

24/7 service

We work on our BACKEND247® solutions simultaneously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which guarantees that your development is done a lot faster compared to a traditional process. We do not take a break!

0% margin for error, waste no time fixing codes

Our BACKEND247® solutions are made with the use of quality assurance systems, which means that only automatically and manually strictly tested end products are being delivered. Waste no time correcting errors or opening service tickets. Our unique BACKEND247® solutions can reduce development time!

Have a lot of irons in the fire, work with us simultaneously

There is no need to wait for your unique BACKEND247® to be done. As soon as the specification is done and finalized, you can start working on frontend development. As a result, you can work on more projects at the same time.

What Does Every BACKEND247® Solution Contain?

We guarantee, that you will ALWAYS receive
the following services included in your package,
let it be a small BACKEND247® solution or a more complex one.


Effective & Friendly Support

Our friendly, competent and constantly available support team is ready to answer your questions or requests in connection with new projects, contracts, invoicing or ongoing projects. We want you to receive your answer as soon as possible!

Professional, Dedicated Project Manager

Every project has a professional and dedicated project manager, who supports your project from the beginning until the end. Our project managers help you review the project and give suggestions in connection with the implementation.

Senior Go Developers

Our professional Go developer colleagues meet the highest standards. They are well-versed in the most different fields. Creating a chat application, video streaming app or encrypted server is not a problem for them. These are only a couple of examples of what we do, our BACKEND247® solutions make everything possible!

Senior PostgreSQL Developers

Our Senior PostgreSQL developers are the masters of database programming and optimisation. It goes without saying that the database operations made by them are fast and effective. Let it be relational database or NoSQL, we always apply the best fit for the task.

Professional Testers

Our testers manually test the processes and document of each of the steps so that you receive only perfectly functioning codes based on the requested business logic.


Programming Specification

Based on the submitted user story, we create a detailed programming specification for our BACKEND247® solutions, which is constantly updated and is made available for you.

UML Diagram

To make the program more digestible, we create a UML diagram based on the detailed specification. This helps you see visually how the program will be developed. Besides, you can have the detailed specification confirmed by your client, before the BACKEND247® solutions are made.

Database Specification

Not only the BACKEND247® solutions but also the database is being specified, which helps you visualize the tables used, the name and description of the fields and the index as well.

Testing Documentation

The finalization of our BACKEND247® solutions are supported by quality, vulnerability and speed testing documentation, which clearly proves if the code works flawlessly and at what speed.

Endpoint Documentation

The endpoint documentation enables your frontend or application developers to connect to our BACKEND247® solutions in an easy and quick way.


Testing Interface

By using the dedicated testing interface, you or your clients can also check before delivery, if our BACKEND247® solutions work properly. You will receive only perfect work and you will pay only for perfect work!


Full Source Code, consistently high quality

The full source code with detailed documentation of the BACKEND247® will be handed over. Our BACKEND247® solutions are made by Clean Architect style and every program has the same structure, which makes it easy to access and continuously develop.

Testing procedures

For all our BACKEND247® solutions a complex testing procedure is written which automatically and constantly checks the proper implementation of the business logic. Thanks to the testing procedures, the program can be easily developed continuously.

Docker container

The BACKEND247® solutions and database are handed over ready to be used in a Docker container which is really easy to be deployed with a simple command line. The containers contain everything that is needed, including the programs, the database and the cache solutions as well. You can relax because the programs run in any server environment that supports Docker containers.

Upgrade Management

In order to keep the database up-to-date every BACKEND247® solution contains an automated upgrading system.

AAA Certificates

If you agree and your contract makes it possible, we will certify our BACKEND247® solutions by an external third party (SonarCloud) as well. In this case, you will receive the AAA certification of the code enclosed, which will prove to you that the program is of high quality. You don’t need to be an expert for that!


Basic guarantees are provided for all our unique BACKEND247® solutions as default.

Quality Guarantee

We provide a 1-year comprehensive guarantee for all our BACKEND247® solutions. The guarantee covers the correct operation of the program codes and the database and the documentation. Any error claims will be picked up in 72 hours and will be fixed as soon as possible. Have no fear though; we work with a 0% margin for error!

Deadline Guarantee

It goes without saying that our BACKEND247® solutions are delivered in time or before the deadline and to show you that these are not empty words only, we offer a penalty fee guarantee for all our BACKEND247® solutions up to the 50% of our fee, should we fail to meet our deadlines.

Continuous Development Guarantee

In the case of our BACKEND247® solutions, we guarantee to start working on your new requests in max. 2 weeks upon accepting the proposal and to provide long-term support.


The premium guarantees can be requested as extras for all our unique BACKEND247® solutions.

Lifetime Quality Guarantee

We provide a lifetime guarantee for the complete BACKEND247® solutions. Should you experience any malfunctioning or errors or the BACKEND247® solutions should not work according to the specification, we fix it for FREE. Any error claims will be picked up in 24 hours and will be handled with priority.

Full Deadline Guarantee

Should we fail to meet the delivery deadline of a BACKEND247® solution endpoint due to our fault, you are not liable to pay for that endpoint, you receive it for free. We are extra careful that neither you nor your customer should suffer any disadvantages.

Premium Continuous Development Guarantee

The premium continuous development guarantee can be requested for every BACKEND247® endpoint, which guarantees that should you have an additional request for modification in the future, we will start working on it in 24 hours instead of the regular 2 weeks.

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our unique BACKEND247® solutions!

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